> Working together to keep children in school

> Working together to keep children in school

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Working together to keep children in school

Watch to see how a community can pull together to create change

Schoolgirls Video of the Week

We’re passionate about freeing children from child labour and getting them into the classroom, similar to what’s shown in video below.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we work alongside partners and communities around the world to ensure children have the chance to be kids. Thanks to our supporters, we can build classrooms, provide school supplies, free children from child labour and defend their right to education, so they can advocate for themselves and their peers.


Watch the video below by Australia’s AIME to see how working together to make change takes passion and a community of changemakers.


To learn more about supporting education around the world, visit our gift catalogue.


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About Christian Children’s Fund of Canada:

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada works globally to support children and youth who dream of a better world. For nearly 60 years, we’ve brought together diverse people and partnerships, driven by a common belief: education extends beyond the walls of a classroom and is the most powerful tool children can use to change their world. We focus on breaking barriers preventing access to inclusive, quality education for all, especially girls.