> What school means to a child in need

> What school means to a child in need

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What school means to a child in need

Watch this UNICEF video, and be reminded of the value of school in a child’s life

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In Canada, children and youth often complain about going to school, but there’s a completely different mindset in the countries where we work — one that’s depicted in the UNICEF video below about a child wishing to go to school.


“I have to help my family with money. Mommy says she can’t afford to send me to school — I really want to go to school…. I want to learn to read and spell,” says the child narrator in the video.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we believe education is essential to a child’s success in life, and we work to ensure more have access to school, rather than having to work or be forced into an early marriage.


Watch the video to hear one child’s perspective on life without school.


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About Christian Children’s Fund of Canada:

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada works globally to support children and youth who dream of a better world. For nearly 60 years, we’ve brought together diverse people and partnerships, driven by a common belief: education extends beyond the walls of a classroom and is the most powerful tool children can use to change their world. We focus on breaking barriers preventing access to inclusive, quality education for all, especially girls.