> Visiting our programs in Nicaragua made our work real to me

> Visiting our programs in Nicaragua made our work real to me

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Visiting our programs in Nicaragua made our work real to me

One of our donor-relations associates shares the greatest lesson she learned on her trip to visit our program areas in Nicaragua

By Estefania Morales, donor-relations associate, Canada

Estefania visit to Nic

Unconditional love is a gift we can share. I believe this is at the heart of what we do at Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC). And, as a donor-relations associate, it’s a pleasure to serve supporters who share their blessings with children, families and communities in need around the world.


It’s a world I usually see from behind a desk where I update credit cards; send duplicate tax receipts; and answer enquiries about fulfilling hopes and dreams. But, I was recently given the opportunity to work from our Nicaragua office for two months, and it was heart-touching to witness everything I knew in theory and had seen in paperwork. It all became real to me.


I saw children pour their hearts into writing a letter to their sponsors and anxiously wait for responses of encouragement.


Since Spanish is my first language, I was lucky to hear (and understand) as they chatted about the amazing gifts they bought with birthday money from their sponsors — gifts that benefited their whole family. They talked about food, tin to cover a leaky roof, seeds for a vegetable garden, an article of clothing, a little toy.


Letter writing


I realized how easily I get caught up in the details and stress of everyday life in Canada. That outfit that doesn’t look good anymore, the food that I’m sick of eating, the traffic, the weather or the credit-cards bills.


The narrative is slightly different in Nicaragua where I couldn’t visit certain communities without two policemen protecting me and my Nicaraguan colleagues from crime that threatens the safety of children and youth daily.


I stepped back and allowed perspective to shine down.


While I surrounded myself with people who don’t have much — but are joyful and grateful for what they do have — I saw how important it can be to become a blessing for someone else by showing unconditional love.


Learn more about how you can be a blessing: sponsor a child today.

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