> Understanding the world’s ‘invisible water crisis’

> Understanding the world’s ‘invisible water crisis’

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Understanding the world’s ‘invisible water crisis’

Watch and learn how water quality is at risk like never before

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The problem of deteriorating water quality, and what it means to human and environmental well-being, is brought to light with startling clarity in a video published this month.


Linked to the World Bank’s study, ‘Quality Unknown: The Invisible Water Crisis,’ the video shows urgent attention must be given to the hidden dangers that lie beneath the water’s surface. The report argues that without urgent action, water quality will continue to deteriorate, impacting human health, massively reducing food production and, consequently, stalling economic progress.


Safe water is a key factor for Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. We break down barriers to build clean-water sources as well as sanitation facilities and train community members, including children, on safe water, sanitation and hygiene practices.


Watch the video below to see how wide and deep is the impact of this significant world issue.


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