> UN: we need to improve access to water and sanitation at schools

> UN: we need to improve access to water and sanitation at schools

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UN: we need to improve access to water and sanitation at schools

Catch up on a recent study about the need for better water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in schools around the world

Girl drinks clean water

Attending school without basic water and sanitation facilities is the reality for millions of children around the world. In fact, just 66 percent of schools globally had basic sanitation services in 2016, and 69 percent had basic drinking water services, according to a recent United Nations’ study.


This news comes as the world continues to work towards a global goal to make water, sanitation and hygiene available to all by 2030. Why? “If education is the key to helping children escape poverty, access to water and sanitation is key to helping children safely maximize their education. To neglect this is to be careless with the well-being and health of children,” explains Kelly Ann Naylor, global chief of water, sanitation and hygiene at UNICEF.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we make it possible for girls to attend school while they’re menstruating by providing bathrooms. We also build classrooms and water facilities, so students don’t have to learn outside in the heat without access to clean water.


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