> UN Summit puts urgent focus on achieving sustainable development

> UN Summit puts urgent focus on achieving sustainable development

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UN Summit puts urgent focus on achieving sustainable development

World leaders will meet to address global challenges



An important event to advance a global plan to drive economic prosperity and social well-being is set to take place in New York, with the inaugural SDG Summit being held at the United Nations, September 24 and 25.


“This may be our last chance, these next 20 years…that will change things forever, that we will never be able to go back and fix,” says actor and activist Alec Baldwin of the summit.  

Heads of state and government leaders from around the globe will review progress and help accelerate implementation of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) conceived to address global poverty, hunger, education, health, clean water, climate change and more.


“The inaugural SDG Summit… presents a valuable opportunity for world leaders to engage in productive dialogue and discuss strategies to address the current global economic challenges,” writes António Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations in his blog.


Christian Children’s Fund of Canada has been a strong champion of the SDGs and played a key role, through ChildFund Alliance, in achieving an SDG target on preventing violence against children. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress.

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