> U.K government takes steps to end “period poverty”

> U.K government takes steps to end “period poverty”

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U.K government takes steps to end “period poverty”

An important step to keeping girls in school

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Too many girls around the world forfeit an education, because they can’t access a bathroom at school during their period, so the U.K. government has announced plans to launch a fund and taskforce to eventually give all women and girls access to sanitary products.


“Empowerment starts when you are young,” said Penny Mordaunt, U.K. Minister for Women and Equalities, in a statement. “Girls should be able to focus on their education and their future without being worried about or embarrassed by their periods.”


The government has announced plans to give $2-million pounds ($3.5 million) to organizations committed to helping girls and women “end period poverty” globally. They’ve also made plans to give $250,000 pounds ($437,000) to create a task force comprised of charities, government and more.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we see the effects of “period poverty” in our work every day. We work with communities to provide education and access to products and private sanitation facilities so girls can go to school without shame.


Help send a girl to school today.

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