> The face of poverty in 2017

> The face of poverty in 2017

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The face of poverty in 2017

On International Day for the Eradication of poverty, we look at a Huff Post article highlighting seven stats about the issue

Women Walking Ghana By Juris Kornets

Seven statistics tell a chilling tale in a Huffington Post article illustrating why poverty remains a big issue.


“More than 1-billion people escaped the grind of extreme poverty — defined as living on less than $1.90 a day — between 1990 and 2013. But despite the gains, the world remains a long way from eradicating poverty altogether,” writes Huff Post’s Laura Paddison.


The numbers speak for themselves. More than 765-million around the world live in extreme poverty, reports The World Bank and 19.5 percent of children in developing countries are affected by poverty, according to UNICEF and The World Bank.


Read the full Huff Post story for the full list of stats. [huffingtonpost.ca]


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