> Teaching computer class without a computer

> Teaching computer class without a computer

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Teaching computer class without a computer

Watch this BBC video to see how a Ghanaian teacher is engaging his students in technology

Innovative Teacher

Meet Akoto Appiah Richard, an educator in Ghana, who has been teaching his students about computers without a computer.


Akoto’s class has learned through his drawings of computer hardware and software applications. “It’s sometimes challenging. You will draw and expect the students to do the same thing, but you go around to inspect it in their books, and they will be doing a different thing, because they are not familiar with the features,” he says.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we’ve installed computer labs in many of the communities where we work. And, most recently, we joined to fund a project in India with the country’s Tata Trusts and Google India. The goal is to give more than 1,000 women digital skills they can pass on to others.

But, watch the BBC video below to learn more about how Akoto’s drawings of computers are impacting his corner of the world.


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