> Sweden to invalidate child marriages of refugees

> Sweden to invalidate child marriages of refugees

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Sweden to invalidate child marriages of refugees

Find out how a new law will support the United Nations’ gender equality sustainable development goal

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The recent influx of married child refugees across the globe is raising questions in countries like Sweden, where there are plans to invalidate all underage unions as of January, reports the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


“If Sweden shows these marriages are not allowed, most girls in forced marriages will not choose to go back to their husbands,” Sara Mohammad, founder of GAPF, a non-profit group which campaigns against child marriage, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “The government must show these girls it will protect them.”


Sweden, which bans marriage under age 18, joins Germany. The latter outlawed all marriages and engagements under the age of 18 last year. This move followed German reports in 2016 that listed nearly 1,500 foreign children living in the country as “married” on their paperwork. [news.trust.org]


Ending child marriage by 2030 is part of a United Nations global commitment identified in the Sustainable Development Goals.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we promote the dangers of child marriage to children, families and communities around the world. We believe in giving children, youth and parents the knowledge and confidence to speak up to stop child marriages.

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