> Survey measured happiness around the world

> Survey measured happiness around the world

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Survey measured happiness around the world

Our friends in Paraguay are a happy bunch

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Ever wondered which country has the happiest population? A recent Gallup poll was performed to find the answer, and the results are very interesting.


The World Economic Forum put together a video to show results of the worldwide survey that asked 151,000 adults in 143 countries questions about positive experiences from the previous day. The answers revealed economic prosperity doesn’t give the full picture of the well-being of a country’s people.


“Overall, Paraguayans said they felt the most positive emotions,” it’s reported in the video. “People in Paraguay have the best time, with 91 per cent saying they enjoyed themselves yesterday.”


Christian Children’s Fund of Canada is proud to help children in Paraguay thrive.


We partner with children and youth to encourage them to champion their rights in the beautiful South American country. In fact, together with a coalition, we encouraged them to gain the President’s endorsement of 20 commitments to improving their lives.


Watch the video to see what other countries came up in the survey.


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