> Supporting grandparents in raising their children

> Supporting grandparents in raising their children

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Supporting grandparents in raising their children

Read one story of two grandparents in Paraguay who became parents again
By Rosanna E. Menchaca, communications manager, Paraguay

Grandpa Parent

“My grandson Marcos is the best gift life has given us,” says Anuncio Román, a 69-year-old horticulturist from Colonia Juan de Salazar, Limpio in Paraguay.


The eight-year-old has lived with his grandparents since he was one, when his mother left the country to look for better work. “I’m a grandfather and father,” says Anuncio. “Deciding to take care of [Marcos] was a difficult decision, because [my wife and I] were both too old to take care of a small child. However, we handle it better than we thought; now [he’s] the most precious treasure we have.”


Besides tending garden for his livelihood, Anuncio cooks and takes care of Marcos, while Graciela, his wife, works as a housemaid. They collaborate to give their grandson the food, clothing and education he needs to grow up healthy. “For me, it’s fundamental that my grandson studies at school. I accompany him always, and I am very satisfied and proud to do so, because I am responsible for his growth,” he says joyously.


In Paraguay, many grandparents, like Anuncio and Graciela, become parents again when their adult children travel to other countries for work. However, in spite of the great challenges, they do this with lots of love.


It helps that Marcos is also supported by a caring sponsor. He is one of more than 900 children in the community benefiting from the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada program implemented with local partner, Fundación Alda. “I am very happy to receive program support as well as support [from the donor] who sponsors my grandson,” says Anuncio. “In her letters she motivates him to study, so [it helps] him understand there are other people who care about him.”


To learn more about sponsorship and how it helps children, their families and their communities enjoy lasting change, visit ccfcanada.ca/ways-to-give/sponsorship.

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