> Spreading the word about India’s telephone helpline

> Spreading the word about India’s telephone helpline

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Spreading the word about India’s telephone helpline

Watch Lilly Singh explain her first initiative as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador

Free from Violence

In Canada, we have the Kids Help Phone crisis line. In India, they call Childline to report violence and seek care and protection. The problem is the 1098 helpline number is not highly publicized.


Lilly Singh, a UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador and digital influencer, has come up with a plan to share the 1098 number in India, where smartphones are cheap and prevalent. “I figured if so many people watch YouTube on their cellphones, and there’s this piece of important information that needs to be distributed, why not run a public-service announcement (PSA) as an ad on YouTube in India.”


The PSA is now airing in India, and Lilly is asking people to share her video and news about India’s 1098 free and confidential, 24/7 helpline.


Keeping children safe is a top priority. We use feedback boxes in some of our program areas in India to give children a voice to speak up about violence, abuse or other issues they’re facing, such as early forced marriage and child labour. We promote child rights.


So, watch the video and don’t forget to share to keep children safe from harm.


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