> Sponsored child scores among top of class in final exams

> Sponsored child scores among top of class in final exams

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Sponsored child scores among top of class in final exams

Students understand the importance of education in lifting them out of poverty

By Brianne Binelli, online content manager

(with files from S. Vijay Pamela, sponsorship administrator, India)

Inba education IndiaA

Final exams for 10th grade are a big deal in India. The outcome will determine the child’s specialty — science or commerce.


So, Inba, who dreams of being an aeronautical engineer, was especially worried about the big test. He didn’t have the tutors and help from parents many of his peers enjoyed. His parents provided moral support, but they didn’t have the knowledge to help him with his studies.


What he did have was support through a Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) sponsor. For the past 11 years, that motivation helped him fully grasp the power of education in breaking the cycle of poverty.


So, when it came to pursing his goals, the 17-year-old lived in a hostel, where he could focus on his education. In fact, he even gave up spending time with family and friends to focus on his studies.


Inba education India B


It all paid off. Earlier this month, Inba ranked third in his class, scoring 96 percent on his 10th grade board exam. “I want to thank PAD (our local partner) and CCFC for their continuous support,” Inba said.


Inba is also thankful for his sponsor’s support and is excited about the opportunities ahead.


The grateful teen was one of 98 percent of the students in the local CCFC program who passed this crucial exam. Congratulations to these hardworking students. We believe they can reach their goals and build a brighter future for themselves.


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