> Sponsored child recovers from traumatic burn injury

> Sponsored child recovers from traumatic burn injury

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Sponsored child recovers from traumatic burn injury

A donor’s support helps during a difficult time

By Rosanna Menchaca, CCFC communications manager, Paraguay*

(With notes from Javier Mendoza, Crecer, a local partner)

Ruben Paraguay

April 14, 2008 is an unforgettable day for one family in Paraguay.


Eighteen-month-old Rubén was playing outside his home with the family dog. His mother, Estela, was nearby feeding chickens and boiling a large pot of water for cooking. Suddenly, the dog knocked over the pot and boiling water splashed onto Rubén.


“We wrapped him up and took him [20 km] to the city’s hospital by motorcycle. He cried all the way,” shared his mom. “Rubén was transferred immediately to the national burn hospital [where he spent the next month in an induced coma]. The doctors did not have much hope.”


Since then, there’s been intensive physiotherapy, special creams and five surgeries to extend his skin, which was burned on 30 percent of his body. And, he’ll need more surgeries.


But, thanks in part to a big-hearted, loyal sponsor like you, Rubén has grown into the confident, soccer-playing boy he is today with dreams of becoming a doctor.


“The [sponsorship] program has always helped us,” shared Rubén’s mom. “It’s helped us reach health consultants, make doctor follow-ups and even pay for medicine. We will always be grateful.”


“I have no words to thank my sponsor [for everything],” shared Rubén. “She helps me feel better. I write to her telling her about my school and my health and that I’m very good now.”


Visit our child sponsorship page to learn more about how you can change a life today.

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