> Shining a spotlight on global warming in Africa

> Shining a spotlight on global warming in Africa

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Shining a spotlight on global warming in Africa

How CCFC responds to drought conditions
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In the same week that nearly 200 countries, including Canada, agreed to universal regulations to cut emissions and limit global warming, a Thomson Reuters article noted how climate change is creating drier conditions in an already arid Africa.


According to the news report, scientists have found an increase in dry months is causing concern in countries like Sahel, south of the Sahara desert. [news.trust.org]


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, in countries where we work — such as Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Ghana — we join with communities to provide drought-resistance training, drought-resistant seeds and help communities grow crops with the help of solar-powered drip irrigation, among other innovations, where possible. We are continually monitoring the situation to ensure the best support possible.


How CCFC is helping reduce disaster risk in Ethiopia

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