> New initiative aims to improve education around the world

> New initiative aims to improve education around the world

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New initiative aims to improve education around the world

The World Bank announces a project, which could give low- to middle-income governments more insight into the state of their education system

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Improving how students around the world learn is the driver behind a new initiative being developed by The World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development.


The goal of the Global Education Policy Dashboard is to give governments in low- and middle-income countries insight into learning gaps — the practices, policies and politics — in their classrooms. This comes following a World Bank 2018 study, which showed the enormity of the “learning crisis.”


“[The dashboard] will highlight gaps between current practice and what the evidence suggests would be most effective in promoting learning,” reads a World Bank press release. “It will give governments a way to set priorities and track progress as they work to close those gaps.”


The system is being piloted in 13 countries this year.


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