> Mothers write a letter to world leaders

> Mothers write a letter to world leaders

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Mothers write a letter to world leaders

Watch for a reminder of the work still needed to bring healthcare to all

Ethiopia Mom

Expectant mothers hope and pray for their baby’s safe birth, but some have more worries than others. This UNICEF video letter from mothers to world leaders reminds us how much we still need to do to bring healthcare to all.


Moms-to-be like the ones we help around the world may ask themselves a question noted in the video: “Will I get to a clinic in time, or will I give birth on the side of the road all alone?”


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we build health clinics, encourage women to visit trained healthcare professionals and provide educational training on healthcare, nutrition and sanitation. Learn more about how you can help here.


Watch the video below for a window into the minds of pregnant women around the world.


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