> Is it possible to help the hungry and the planet?

> Is it possible to help the hungry and the planet?

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Is it possible to help the hungry and the planet?

One agricultural expert tells Thomson Reuters ideas for improving crop production and reducing harm to Earth

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As the world struggles with weather conditions threatening food production, one seed company official has told Thomson Reuters Foundation News agriculture innovations could help people without harming our planet.


Cultivating plants that nurture soil, leaving land untilled to store carbon-dioxide in the ground and planting seeds with a higher yield could all help, Liam Condon, head of the crop science division for German-based Bayer, told Thomson Reuters.


“I’m totally convinced (carbon-neutral farming) is feasible, but it will require a massive effort… and no single company or institution or government will be able to do this alone,” he was quoted as saying. [news.trust.org]


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we help communities around the world learn to reduce food insecurity caused by disasters, such as droughts, by working with drought-resistant seeds, preserving water and practicing drip irrigation, among other tactics. It’s all part of a bigger picture.


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