> Innovative teaching program fosters love for learning

> Innovative teaching program fosters love for learning

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Innovative teaching program fosters love for learning

Learning Through Play curriculum is energizing teachers and students in Ghana

By William Anim-Dankwa, CCFC communications manager, Ghana

Comm Rise LTP Ghana

Play-based learning is bringing new energy and enthusiasm to classrooms in Ghana.


We’ve worked with the Ghanaian government to pilot Learning Through Play in two teacher training colleges. The teaching method, developed by Toronto’s Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, encourages play and creativity.


The training is greatly needed, particularly in early-learning centres. A reintroduction of early childhood development into Ghana’s mainstream public schools has brought challenges, among them a lack of trained teachers and teaching materials.


Since the project began, 936 final-year trainees and master trainers (trainees who will teach others) have learned the play-based method of teaching. They’ve also been supplied with 1,115 Learning Through Play training and teaching materials.


“[Now I can] concentrate in class.” — Adisah, 5


I visited a primary school in northern Ghana to see the results and was amazed.


In the morning sun, children stood and knelt in a circle in the yard repeating the lyrics of a song while tossing stones to practice hand-eye coordination.


The class paused their game to chat. “Teaching is exciting now,” said Rabiu Alhassan, the teacher. “The traditional lyrics help the children learn quickly.”


The students gathered around us were quick to agree.

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