> How youth are breathing new life into recycled materials

> How youth are breathing new life into recycled materials

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How youth are breathing new life into recycled materials

Watch to see how one conductor has brought together disadvantaged youth to play in an orchestra for free 

Paraguay landfill orchestra

A fork, a can for chemical products and an old casserole dish — what do these items have in common? They make up the materials for instruments that youth play in the Landfill Harmonic orchestra in Cateura, Paraguay.


It’s part of an innovative project to create an orchestra comprised of instruments made from recycled materials. It gives the most vulnerable youth the chance to play for free. “I always knew about the power of music as an element of social transformation,” says Luis Szaran, the conductor, composer and director who conceived the idea.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we love to hear about innovation. In fact, one of our successful projects is about learning through play and parents building toys for their children out of recycled materials. 


Watch the General Electric video below to see how the music and dream came alive for the Landfill Harmonic.


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