> How women are supporting each other to success

> How women are supporting each other to success

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How women are supporting each other to success

Women around the world are making change in their communities

VSLA group in Africa

Knitting is more than a hobby among a group of 14 women in Uttarakhand, India — it’s a means of livelihood and support, reports Al Jazeera.


The women gather to knit items to sell and discuss taboo subjects such as birth control, domestic violence and alcoholism without any prejudice against different classes or religions.


“Now that I feel empowered and confident, I help others in my community and village as much as I can. I advise and guide, and they do listen,” Gudiya Khan told Al Jazeera, explaining how the group has changed her community. “They go back and continue to help other women. There has been a chain reaction.” [aljazeera.com]


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we believe in bringing women together to improve their emotional and financial well-being. One way we encourage this is through our village-savings-and-loans programs. Women meet once a week, save money and can get a loan from the group to expand their business or support their children through school, among other reasons.


Learn more about our village-savings-and-loans groups today.

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