> How nature enables life-giving water this World Water Day

> How nature enables life-giving water this World Water Day

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How nature enables life-giving water this World Water Day

CCFC harnesses solar energy to make water flow in Ghana

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More than two-billion people are living without clean water at home, reports UNESCO in the run up to #WorldWaterDay2018 Thursday, March 22.


The key is creating a sustainable source, so it’s fitting that this year’s theme is Nature for Water, an idea Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) has been tapping into with solar energy to address water shortages in Ghana due to climate change.


“Solar-powered innovations offer life-changing improvements in medical, agricultural, educational and community safety applications,” says Patrick Canagasingham, CEO, CCFC.


More specifically, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union funded a project in Namonsa, Ghana, involving the installation of a solar-powered water pump and drip-irrigation system in the community. The idea was to improve local farmers’ harvest after dry season, positively impacting income and nutrition of approximately 1,200 children and family members.


To learn more about how you can support clean-water initiatives in vulnerable communities, visit our gift catalogue.

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