> How the world is making lasting change

> How the world is making lasting change

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How the world is making lasting change

Watch to learn about sustainable development and the global goals

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We talk about it, it’s in the news and the world keeps hearing about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but what are they? The United Nations video below breaks it down.


Primarily, it’s about fostering sustainability. “We want economies to grow, companies to thrive and people to have decent work,” explains the narrator in the video. “We want everyone to have access to nutritious food, regardless of where they live. We want affordable and quality education for everybody, not just a few.”


So, since 2015, the year the SDGs were established, stakeholders across the world have been addressing 17 goals to make change to address global challenges, such as poverty and inequality — two areas we address every day, thanks to our supporters.


Watch the video to learn more about how the world is working together to make global change.


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