> Google to distill condition of water sources around world

> Google to distill condition of water sources around world

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Google to distill condition of water sources around world

Google and United Nations to launch public platform addressing depleting water supply

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At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we see how water shortages caused by natural disasters, climate change and someone’s geography can impact their lives — keeping girls who fetch water from far away out of school and forcing children to drink dirty water that makes them sick.


So, it’s good news to hear Google is joining with the United Nations Environment Program to take a deeper look at how to prevent further water loss in our ecosystem. Google will create maps and data for a public platform for launch in October.


“Much of the world does not have access to good data about the state of their forests, their rivers and lakes and coastal eco-systems and how they’ve been changing,” Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth and Earth Engine, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Access to better information about water could lead to partnerships between neighbouring nations to manage their rivers and lakes. This all feeds into the United Nations’ Global Goals to end poverty and protect the planet.


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