> Girls stand up for their right to play

> Girls stand up for their right to play

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Girls stand up for their right to play

How girls determined to play soccer got their wish

Child sillouettes

Girls in rural Alakhpura, India, are kicking butt in soccer and simultaneously bringing their community together, reports Al Jazeera news.


“We practise twice every day, even on Sundays. And every member of the village makes sure we have things we need in place,” Sonika Bijaria, told Al Jazeera news of her team that began after girls persistently asked a sports teacher if they could play.


Although at first the community resisted the girls playing, eventually their hard work paid off. Soon they began winning competitions in a state which is reported to have a gender imbalance and a high rate of violence against women. [aljazeera.com]


Today, the community helps fund the team’s needs — a good example of the type of involvement Christian Children’s Fund of Canada encourages. We work with community members to train them on child protection and child rights, so everyone is involved in creating a more inclusive environment.

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