> Girl recites poem affirming her place in the world

> Girl recites poem affirming her place in the world

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Girl recites poem affirming her place in the world

Watch to see her perform with confidence, a trait we hope to bring to vulnerable children around the world

Girl Holding Star

Building a child’s confidence is part of how we support them as their basic needs are met through our programs. So, we hope they believe in the message of the “Affirmation” poem recited by a young YouTube sensation in the video below.


“Every morning up early I rise. I look in the mirror and I recite… I am beauty, I am brains, I am intelligent, I am smart,” says the young star Pe’Tehn.


As children grow in our programs, we encourage and foster youth leadership, so young people can change their own futures for the better.


Watch the video below, and see how building confidence in children goes a long way.


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