> FAO study: preparing for disasters reaps economic gains

> FAO study: preparing for disasters reaps economic gains

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FAO study: preparing for disasters reaps economic gains

How planning for the future can help in the present  


Poor farmers can get an economic boost and more by adapting farming practices to improve their ability to deal with natural disasters, according to a study from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. (FAO).


“This study makes clear that in most cases, [disaster-risk reduction, or DRR] efforts on the farm make good economic sense: that investing in DRR early can save many dollars that would otherwise be spent on post-disaster rehabilitation,” said Dominique Burgeon, director, Emergency and Resilience Division and strategic program leader, resilience.


The trials that took place on 900 farms in 10 countries examined the impact of planted mangroves to protect coastal areas from floods and irrigation systems, among other activities.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we prepare vulnerable communities for disasters, such as droughts, by working with drought-resistant seeds, preserving water and practicing drip irrigation, among other tactics.


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