> Education at risk in Africa due to violence against schools

> Education at risk in Africa due to violence against schools

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Education at risk in Africa due to violence against schools

Classrooms closed to nearly two-million students, UNICEF reports states

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More and more students, teachers and schools in West and Central Africa are dealing with the problem of school closures, with almost two-million children “robbed of an education” in the past year, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said recently.


The UN agency details the threats of violence against schools across the region in a new report and officials say a generation of children risk being denied the right to learn.


“Schools are being shut down,” said Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, UNICEF deputy executive director. “Over the past two years, the number of schools that have been shut down has tripled; over 9,000 schools due to the insecurity have been attacked.”


We are always monitoring our program areas to ensure the continued safety of the children and families we support in Africa, Asia and the Americas. At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, after ensuring children are safe, we improve access to education by encouraging children and youth, communities, supporters, partners and governments to address discrimination, social exclusion and violence together.


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