> Celebrating excellence in improving the human condition

> Celebrating excellence in improving the human condition

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Celebrating excellence in improving the human condition

The Swedish alternative to the Nobel Prize honours advocates in India, Ethiopia and Azerbaijan


STOCKHOLM — In a world filled with an ongoing barrage of sad news, it’s heartening to hear about the individuals honoured with The Right to Livelihood Awards in Sweden today for their part in addressing the root causes of global issues.


“This year’s Laureates protect the rights and lives of citizens across three continents. With their courageous work for human rights, public health and good governance, they tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges at their very core,” said Ole von Uexküll, executive director of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation in Sweden, upon announcing the award winners, following a jury decision based on 102 nominations from 51 countries.


The honourees are: Colin Gonsalves, a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India; Robert Bilott a renowned U.S.-based environmental lawyer; Khadija Ismayilova, an investigative journalist from Azerbaijan; and Yetnebersh Nigussie an Ethiopian who advocates for the rights of girls, women and inclusive education, following years of facing discrimination as a blind woman.


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