> CCFC continues to innovate in 2018

> CCFC continues to innovate in 2018

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CCFC continues to innovate in 2018

A recap of CCFC’s Rise and Shine Facebook Live series

By Niko Moniz, facilities services coordinator & Rise and Shine host

Niko and Patrick RS

Find out about an exciting project underway in India, and discover the hopes and dreams Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) employees have for the organization in 2018 in the latest episode of our Rise and Shine Facebook Live series.


Here is what you missed:


Patrick celebrates working with change-makers in India (Watch below at 00:46 seconds)


I sit down with Patrick Canagasingham, our CEO, to talk about an Internet project for women we’re joining to fund in India with the country’s Tata Trusts and Google India. The CEO also tells a remarkable story about a very special girl he met on his recent trip to India (Tune in at 06:30).


Aspirations for the year ahead (Watch below at 09:40 minutes)


At CCFC, we dream big. So, tune in as employees from Markham to Nicaragua and Burkina Faso share their wishes for the organization in 2018.


Coming up…


On our next episode, we’ll catch up with Tim Mowers, head of major gifts and planned giving, at CCFC. He’ll tell us about our recent projects in Ghana and how they’re improving the health of thousands.


In the meantime, watch the complete video from our last episode.


See you next time!


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