> Books and furniture offer hope to students in Ethiopia

> Books and furniture offer hope to students in Ethiopia

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Books and furniture offer hope to students in Ethiopia

A CCFC project helps children get the resources they need to thrive in school

By Semereta Sewasew, communications manager, Ethiopia

Library LEAP Ethiopia

Finding good books at school is a new experience for Mulugeta, who lives in a small rural Ethiopian town.


“As I am preparing to take the high-school entrance exam, I have to study hard, and I am fortunate I have many useful reference books to support my studying,” says the 15-year-old who attends school in Ada’a district.


This is possible thanks to a project supported by the Government of Canada and generous donors through Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC). As a result of The Lead for Education Achievement and Progress (LEAP) initiative, Mulugeta’s school was stocked with 600 reference books.


Similarly, Endashaw is happy to have reference materials and comfortable furniture, so he can comfortably spend more time reading and studying at his school, which is also in Ada’a district.


During the past five years, the LEAP project provided more than 80,000 reference books to more than 100 primary schools and furniture to more than 40 primary schools. It has served children from grades 4 to 8 grades, including many who started school later in their childhood.


To learn more about CCFC’s work in Ethiopia, visit ccfcethiopia.org.

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