> Africa needs support as climate change causes more disasters

> Africa needs support as climate change causes more disasters

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Africa needs support as climate change causes more disasters

Highlighting the One Planet Summit in Kenya

Drought Ethiopia

Floods and droughts stemming from climate change are impacting African countries, which require investments in clean energy, forest protection and technology to help farmers, noted leaders at last week’s One Planet Summit in Kenya, as reported by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


The good news is The World Bank Group announced plans to spend $12 billion in Africa over four years to support adaption and resilience projects, noted Thomson Reuters.


The funds will support weather forecasts, insurance, restoration of downgraded land and more. “I have faith the men — and especially the women — of Africa will be the custodians of our beautiful planet,” Kristalina Georgieva, the World Bank Group’s interim president, told the summit.


At Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, we’ve worked with farmers in Ethiopia to reduce disaster risk caused by drought, providing training on water preservation, landscaping and the use of drought-resistant seeds and hardy goats.


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