> A donor shares the benefits of child sponsorship

> A donor shares the benefits of child sponsorship

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A donor shares the benefits of child sponsorship

A recap of CCFC’s Rise and Shine Facebook Live series
By Niko Moniz, facilities services coordinator & Rise and Shine host

Sean Madsen Marcos Sammy Dog

On this episode, we caught up with Sean Madsen, who shared his experiences sponsoring a child, writing to him and even flying to Paraguay to visit him.


Here’s what you missed:


Who’s Sean Madsen? (Watch below at 00:57)


We meet Sean Madsen, a CCFC child sponsor, who doesn’t let a vision impairment stop him from achieving his purpose in life. What made Sean want to get involved in child sponsorship? Tune in to find out.


Sean has a great relationship with his sponsored child (Watch below at 04:14 minutes)


Sean tells us what it meant to visit his sponsored child and see the difference his support is having in Marcos’ life. It was a powerful first meeting. Even though they did not speak the same language, they had an immediate connection.


All about Sammy (Watch throughout the episode)


We were excited to host a dog on our Rise and Shine set for the first time. Sammy was the first guide dog to visit Paraguay when he accompanied Sean on his trip to meet his sponsored child. For more fun facts about Sammy, and how he was accommodated in Paraguay, tune in.


Coming up…


On our next episode, we’ll have friend of the show, Daniela Tudela, return for the second time to talk about year two of an exciting project she’s working on as one of our grants compliance managers.


In the meantime, watch the complete video from our last episode.


A donor shares the benefits of child sponsorship.


See you next time!


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